Hi! I'm Francesc Pla Prats.

A senior software developer / engineering manager based in Barcelona.


I've been working for more than 18 years in the different areas involved in planning, design, development and management of software projects. I like simple and practical designs. I use agile methodologies, patterns and good practices. I love finding the simplest solution for every specific problem. I like to iterate measuring and improving the results.

Random facts of my career:

My current interests are building backend and infrastructure stuff with Ruby, Elixir & Golang on cloud UNIX based systems, start-up environments and helping managing projects and people.

You can see my full CV on Linkedin.


I do really enjoy riding and travelling on a motorbike, besides that I could list a set of usual topics: music, reading, movies, tv shows, photography, food, coffee & tea, decent scotch beverages ...

I'm currently living in Barcelona, happily married and father of a lovely girl.

Keep in touch

You can keep in touch with me at: keybase.io, Github, Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram.